We know you want to get stuck in so we'll keep it short...

DCDC uses a blockchain as a governing platform and make its infrastructure available for others to enable and create applications and services. You don't have to be a member of the cooperative to use our network, and everything you need to create your own private networks is available as open source.

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About the groundloop Blockchain

groundloop is DCDC's single source of truth and our publicly-available (to both members and non-members) blockchain. groundloop is developed from a fork of the NEO blockchain source code. NEO uses a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism that uses 2 primary crypotcurrencies, stake and gas. Stake is required to generate gas to enact contracts on the chain however gas is also purchaseable.

groundloop borrows the dual currency model of NEO, and keeps it's energy efficient Proof of Stake consensus.

Owned and Operated

Unlike most other blockchain networks, there is no cost to deploying contracts/dApps on groundloop however all proposed contracts must be vetted by the cooperative. The vetting process assures code quality/safety, provides guarantees to consumers and importantly ensures protection of individual developers.

We want provide anyone who wants to create decentralised applications with a platform to do so.

On Intellectual Property and Open Source

DCDC are an open source cooperative. Wherever we can, we will publish our in house work under open source licenses.

The use of either i. the cooperative's identity and associated media and ii. the cooperative's product identities is prohibited by any person or entity outside direct membership of the cooperative unless exceptions to the contrary are approved by the membership.

The DCDC, DCDC, groundloop, JUPP and associated media are trademarks of The Digital Cooperative Development Consortium Ltd.

Questions and Answers

Why do we assert trademarks?

Primarily because copycat products and services could damage the reputation of the cooperative.

Are you in the business of buying and selling cryptocurrencies?

The short answer is no.

We issue share certificates digitally using the same technology that cryptocurrencies use. However, for every share that is issued, a certain amount of groundloop compute time is banked against it.

This means that if a member owns 100 shares, for the sake of example, then every day that 100 shares entitles that member to 100 seconds of compute time on groundloop. If that member needs more time per day, they might buy more shares (which may be impractical) or buy/acquire compute time from other members. A member can also sell the time they have to a person or persons outside of the membership.

We are still deliberating on whether to allow persons outside the membership to further resell compute time to other none-members, and whether in such instances that exported time would evaporate or expire or otherwise diminish in value.


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